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Welcome to the home page of Carolivia Herron. This website summarizes Dr. Herron's work in fiction, children's books, scholarship, multimedia projects, education and teaching. Click on one of the chapters on the left to read about her work.


This site also introduces you (or will as soon as the web pages are finished) to the other Herrons - Sir Oscar S. Herron, Sr. "The Great OH," her father; Georgia J. "Professor Science" Herron, her mother, the science teacher;

Smitty "I love music" Herron (Oscar S. Herron, Jr.) her brother; Theresa Maestas "We got our land from Spain," Herron, her sister-in-law, a native of New Mexico.

Smitty and Theresa's sons, Carolivia's nephews, are the loves of her life: Joseph L. "Rap singer extraodinaire" Herron and Jeffrey E. "King of video games" Herron . To read more about these Herrons, scroll to the bottom of the chapters and click on the family button. Or just click on the word family in this paragraph.

Other Websites by Carolivia Herron

Carolivia Herron has two other websites that give more detail regarding her professional work and her business for educational software and activities, Epicenter Literary Software. Her website describes the company in detail and focuses on products and programs for adults.

She has a special website for details of her work with children and children's books,